This is the scene of a late night shooting off Old Douglas Mill Road in which 30-year-old Jamil Phillips was killed. Matt Walsh | Index-Journal
This is the scene of a late night shooting off Old Douglas Mill Road in which 30-year-old Jamil Phillips was killed. Matt Walsh | Index-Journal
The Abbeville County Sheriff's Office is investigating a fatal shooting that occurred in Abbeville late Monday night.
Officials identified the victim as Jamil Omar Phillips, 30, of 1522 Old Douglas Mill Road, Abbeville. Abbeville County interim Sheriff Ronnie Ashley said the incident occurred about 10:15 p.m. as the victim was walking up the steps to his front porch.
The victim's parents told deputies they heard four gunshots. After the shots rang out, the parents went to the front door and found their son lying on the front porch, Ashley said.
He noted the victim was shot at least twice. Friends close to the family said the victim's key was in the door at the time of the shooting.
Officials said the man was returning home from his job at a Greenville CarMax. Abbeville County interim Coroner Sam Ferguson said the man died at the scene.
Phillips' body was taken to Anderson for an autopsy Tuesday. The Abbeville County Coroner's Office and the State Law Enforcement Division are also involved in the investigation, Ashley said.
Officials noted the investigation is ongoing. Ashley said investigators had not yet developed any suspects in connection with the shooting.
Family members of the victim were unavailable to speak Tuesday. Investigators swept through to residence Tuesday morning, searching a row of bushes outside the house. Several deputies and vehicles from the sheriff's office could be seen parked in front of the home.
Multiple neighbors reported seeing a white car parked at the scene near the road Monday night around the time of the shooting.
Residents who lived near the scene described the area, which is nestled in the pines of Abbeville's countryside, as a quiet community. The ranch-style brick home sits at least 30 yards back from the two-lane road.
Those who lived near the scene characterized the victim and his family as upstanding neighbors. The victim's father, Dale Phillips, was a District 10 state senate candidate in 2008 and is a noted local author.
"They're real nice people from the few times I've talked to them," said Bobby Stamps, who has lived in the home across the road from the shooting at least 35 years. "I hate that it happened to their son. I hope they catch 'em."
Sheila Campbell said she's lived next door to the victim's parents for more than 30 years, and remembered when her son used to ride the bus to school with the victim.
"It's shocking," Campbell said. "It's unnerving to have something like that happen, especially to such a good kid."
Campbell described the victim's mother as a friend, and said the incident was frightening, especially considering her son returns home from work late as well.
"They're just sweet neighbors - sweet as can be," she said. "We love them, and I hate for them to have to go through that."