Nowhere in our country’s history has there been a narcotic problem as exists now.
We cannot watch or read current events without seeing a violation involving some type of illegal drug. Why anyone would want to voluntarily partake of mind-altering drugs?
Generations ago, the most prevalent drug was alcohol. Few young folks participated and those that did were punished. There has always been the desire to be accepted, especially by younger folk. That is why we see such misuse of drugs, but that is in the minority when it comes to the real bugger.
So many homes now are fractured by different circumstances. The young person who has never felt wanted or may be just plain lonely will turn to this type of solace. Whatever the reason, we all have an inner desire to please the spiritual personality. Some will turn to some type of numbing device.
We see the physical makeup of our young citizens. Minds are being slowly destroyed. Chemical allure is on the move. Our moral compass is spinning out of control. To add to America’s drug crisis, there is consideration in the courts for one illegal drug — marijuana — to be made legal.
Myrtle Boyd
Ninety Six