I want to share about a new church in Greenwood. From my understanding it began with a family that came to Greenwood to start a new church to simply share Jesus loves people and to bring hope. I know sometimes here in the Bible Belt we might think church starters are just coming to take people from other churches, but talking with them and watching them give to this community changed my view.
They actually meet in a section of a shopping center across from the drive-in theater. It does not look like a church on the outside as it sits beside the tattoo shop, but I have sat outside and heard them practice for their worship service. I have watched them give cookies and food.
I have heard the pastor talk and listen to the stories of people who eat at Cindy’s. They tell people that Christ Church 4Given is about just “doing life together,” that they are walking in the good times with people and in the rough times with no expectations, just showing them who Christ is and how He has changed their lives.
Their slogan is “relationship, not religion.” As I watch them I have seen this to be true. They might be just beginning, but I have seen the beginning of an impact on this side as they listen and walk with people.
Sher Hines