I always enjoy Jerry Wilson’s columns. His recent one on the doodlebug brings back good memories.
My grandfather showed me the craters in the early 1940s, explaining, as Jerry did, that the creature used this as a trap for small bugs, especially ants. I was instructed to put my face close to the crater and call out the jingle. That should bring the antlion out. It usually didn’t work, so my grandfather told me to blow in the hole. That did work by uncovering the bug. A straw works even better to uncover him. Of course, they again quickly burrow deeper.

All the craters I ever saw were in sheds or garages where the soil was completely dry and without vegetation. Being soil much more than sand, the dusty bits are quite lightweight and easily blown off. I think the jingle from the mouths of children simply blew breath into the crater, uncovering the antlion. Thanks for the memories, Jerry.
Donald Hawthorne
Columbus, N.C.