There are 20 children faced with foster care in Greenwood. These children have been brought into the care of the state because of neglect or abuse of some sort.
There are 11 resource foster homes in Greenwood. The number 11 can be misleading to those who find comfort in knowing that at least 11 homes can offer care to some of the children in care. What’s misleading is that some of the 11 homes might already have children placed in them; the 11 homes might not be licensed for the children that are currently in care or may even be a safe haven for children from a neighboring county.
So, let’s think about this as if there were no homes in Greenwood that have made the commitment to care for children in foster care. In order to become a resource foster family you must be 21 year of age or older, be able to pass background criminal checks, fingerprint and SLED checks, have a physical done by a doctor that states you are physically and emotionally able to care for a child or children, the home must pass DHEC and fire marshal inspections and you also show your family is financially responsible and complete 14 hours of pre-service training.
If you are interested in answering this call to help children in foster care by becoming a resource foster family, contact the South Carolina Youth Advocate Program at 864-312-6700 or visit for information.  

Betsy Manning