What makes bad people bad? Recently, this has become a frequently asked question.
Growing up in a community where water was present by a bucket let down in a well, we would say, "what is down in the well will come up in the bucket." We had a well full of good water. I answer to the first question, "what is down in the heart and mind of a person will come out in the life."
Good or bad - what is planted and growing within the person will bring results or fruit.
Somehow we have decided rules for life are terrible. You would think the 10 commandments would kill us. Now, rest assured no rules will make us good. The presence of good is developed into the character by knowledge and desire and motivation. Character education is instilled by learning and application.
Think positively - I will develop my character. As I face positive ideas I will respond positively and say to these ideas "I can apply these."
Plant a garden of good ideas in your mind and heart. Then nurture these ideas into your ethical system. Good character will serve you well in life.

Reuel Westbrook