Roy Mendelsohn hit the bullseye with his opinion article in Tuesday’s Index-Journal regarding nuclear power generation being the answer to carbon dioxide bringing about climate change as proffered by environmentalists. He also describes the motives of environmentalists blocking expanding nuclear power generation, seeing themselves as the elite few who should be making decisions for the many in a socialistic society.
Western Europe has been socialist for going on six decades, and Germany stands out as the major player in the region. Some time back, Germany announced abandoning nuclear power generation and the phasing out of current nuclear power generating facilities. Without significant alternative fuels development, presently not in evidence in that country, Germany will become increasingly dependent on Russia for natural gas for power generation, producing a greater output of carbon dioxide in the process over current zero carbon dioxide output coming from present-day nuclear facilities.
Because of their already heavy dependence for natural gas from Russia for home heating, industry and such, the best an intimidated Germany has been able come up with regarding Vladimir Putin’s moves in Ukraine to expand Russia’s size is to say, “Naughty boy!”

Mims Mobley