I remember rotary dial phones, and I have made my share of calls using such.
All you had to do was have the number you were calling and a strong enough index finger to move the dial around seven times to get to the person you wanted to talk with.
If you were making a long distance call, the number of times you had to dial was upped to 11.
When telephone companies made the change to push-button phones, you still needed a rugged index finger to push the number pads seven times to connect with someone across town or at least within your area code. Long distance calls still took 11 pushes.
We had a phone that hung on the kitchen wall. The phone had a cord long enough to reach to the stairs that went up to the second floor. I spent a lot of time sitting on the steps talking to friends.
For more private conversations, the phone reached to the stairs that went to the basement. I still had to sit on the steps, but there was a door that could be closed, hence the privacy factor.
I didn't learn until later there wasn't much the door concealed. That was a real bummer.
I just updated my phone, making the jump to the Apple iPhone 4S.
I think this is my fourth cellphone since I made the move to the modern era.
It seemed as if I was one of the last people in the world to get a cellphone.
I resisted as long as I could, but after an incident with a child, I converted.
I did so with just a little bit of kicking and screaming.
Let me tell you, fat fingers don't work very well on small keypads. On more than one occasion, I've had to punch in a phone number four or five times because what should have been a 2 was a 3 or what should have been a 7 was a 4.
Thank goodness for contact lists.

When trying to make a call from inside my house, I would almost always end up outside on the back porch to continue - rain or shine.
I never could figure out what the difference was if I was standing on one side or the other of the French doors leading to the porch; other than when I was inside, the connection was pretty crappy while outside it was better.
The iPhone is pretty cool, even though it was a little quirky getting it set up. I have a hard enough time trying to remember the usernames and passwords I already have much less than the new ones I need for the phone.
Never did I think I would need a phone that could tell me the time Nuuk, Greenland, or Bratislava, Slovakia.
If I wanted, I can even get the temperature and weather for Nuuk and Bratislava.
I'm thankful I know how to get the time and weather for Greenwood.
I've figured out how to play Words with Friends and how to listen to music via Pandora and iHeartRadio.
I'm able to send text messages. I'm still working on learning to send emails.
And get this, I can make phones calls. Who would have thunk?
Sometimes, I wonder if this is what Alexander Graham really had in mind when he made his first call.

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