Hop onto the S.C. Festival of Discovery website and check out how many days, hours, minutes and seconds there are until the 13th annual edition of the celebrations of barbecue and blues July 11-13 in Uptown Greenwood.
Today, there are about 30 days, give or take, before Greenwood is invaded with folks who love to eat barbecue and listen to the blues.
While you're out there, check out all the information there is about the Kansas City Barbeque Society sanctioned competition and the Blues Cruise, as well as some of the other activities associated with the Festival of Discovery.
Dig around on the site, but be careful. There's a pretty good chance you might get a hankerin' for some barbecue. There's not a whole lot I can do to satisfy the need for some swine.
If you squelch the urge for some Q, maybe some blues is more suited for your taste. Now there's something I can help you with.
On the Blues Cruise page is a list of the artists and where they will be performing during the Festival of Discovery. Many of the performers have links to more information and a sampling of their music.

If you can't find them through the Blues Cruise page, do an Internet search for them. When you find them, take a listen. If there's more than a song sample or two, listen to them all.
Blues Cruise music coordinator Gary Erwin, aka Shrimp City Slim, continues to feed Greenwood some of the best blues performers in the country, and not just one style of blues, either. There's a bunch of different kinds of blues - Memphis, Chicago, Southern Electric, Traditional, Jump, Boogie Woogie, Lowcountry and a slew of others, including the Honky Tonk variety.
I've done what I have suggested and gone and listened to the performers. Every year, Irwin finds a way to raise the bar when it comes to talent for the Blues Cruise. I think there's nothing I've listened to that will alter that course.
Newcomers Deb Callaham Band and Pam Taylor Band are putting out some great music. So is first-timer Travis "Moonchild" Haddix. His "Ring on Her Finger, Rope Around my Neck" is loaded with really good tunes.
A co-worker who could hear the music when I was listening said it reminded her of Eric Clapton.
I'm not sure who that's more a compliment to - Clapton or Haddix.
Erwin, who was born in Chicago and is based out of Charleston, not only lines up the talent, he also performs.
Erwin released "Star Marina" earlier this year, and there are several songs on the CD sure to become favorites of his Greenwood fans. There are references to the host town of the Blues Cruise on the release.
Gail Storm is coming back this year. She's good - really good - and her rendition of "Route 66" is killer. I'm kind of sad I missed her last year. I'm not planning to do the same this year.
Unfortunately, there has been one change to the Blues Cruise lineup since it was announced. Greenwood favorite Wanda Johnson is not part of the lineup this year.
Taking her place is Charles Sayles and the Blues Disciples featuring Tony Fazio.
I was going to suggest you try and make a plan of attack so you can get the most blues for your buck, but that doesn't really matter because the Blues Cruise is free.
Unless there's someone on the lineup you really want to see, the best advice I can give is to follow your ears - wherever they lead you, it's not going to be a bad place.
There will be blues playing, so how can that be bad?
Greenwood, get ready, it's almost time to take The Cruise. Time is counting down ... tick tock, tick tock, tick tock. ...

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