More than a year after SLED began its investigation into suspicious spending within the Greenwood County Sheriff's Office, the public is no closer to an answer whether there was any wrongdoing and whether anyone will be facing criminal charges.
Slow and deliberate perhaps best describes this case's investigation that began with the Feb. 5, 2013, termination of Sheriff Tony Davis' administrative assistant, Sandi Owens. Her termination came on the heels of a financial audit that reflected some bizarre spending and depleted accounts, all of which no one, it seems, in the sheriff's office could or can explain.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars are gone, spent on some things and some events that certainly should raise an eyebrow or two and certainly give good cause for an investigation by SLED.

While we do not pretend to know what all goes into an investigation of this magnitude, we do know there are hundreds upon hundreds of pages of documents to be pored over. In our own examination of better than 700 pages of documents, the Index-Journal found a number of transactions that seemed more than just a little out of step with how a sheriff's office might spend its money. Not only were there questionable travel expenses that smell more like vacations than legitimate business travel, but there were other significant red flags. Beauty pageants and Victoria's Secret attire work well in a "Miss Congeniality" script, but seem out of place for Greenwood County's top law enforcement agency.