I take issue with Phillip Davenport’s objection to the Affordable Care Act. The Supreme Court has abused the power intended for it by our Founding Fathers, but allowing the ACA was not one of these abuses.
While we fought the Revolutionary War to free us from the shackles of a colonialist government, the U.S. Constitution was drafted to give and protect the rights of the nation’s citizens then, now and in the future. They had foresight, realizing things would change, and left room for amendments.
One of God’s given rights they wanted to protect was the pursuit of happiness. It is difficult to pursue happiness in poor health. The days of paying for doctors’ care by bartering are gone. Doctors and hospitals want to be paid in cash. Without proper insurance, the majority of citizens do not have that kind of cash. Today, many people are working without coverage or inadequate coverage. Industries are avoiding paying benefits by offering part-time jobs or utilizing temporary agencies. Under the ACA, people can now afford to pay for a health care plan.
However, in states like South Carolina, that refuse to extend Medicaid, people fall between the cracks. These folks rely on emergency rooms. Not only is this costly, it does not address the need for preventable health care. Preventable care is cost effective.
Our Founding Fathers wanted each of us to have a voice in government, so I want my fellow man to have access to great health care benefits.

Susan Brown