After his death, my children decided to cremate their father. Most of his ashes were buried. The remainder of his body was divided among his children and has since been throughout the USA, entwined in a bridal bouquet and deployed to Iraq.
These ashes offer the comfort and remembrance of both Fathers. From this man, his children learned of God's unending and unchanging love for them. They learned nothing could separate them from the love of Christ. They learned our spirits are housed in these temporary tents waiting for God to supply a permanent building. They learned God is love and with us everywhere.

One child found God's love in nature. With his father's ashes attached to the handlebars, he traveled this country on his motorcycle, camping beneath the stars. He believed we are part of the earth, that God fashioned us with the stars, the wind and the creatures that complete our universe.
It was with great peace last September that his loving family and friends stood on a lakeshore and released his ashes to God's eternal creation. In the glow of a sunset, we watched a flock of geese fly overhead, seeming to honor the beginning of his journey into the arms of a waiting Heavenly Father.
Our family does not find comfort in saving money, time, or convenience, but in the knowledge that God is not confined to a box. We won't be either as we await the day our spirits are resurrected in Him.

Sara Major