By now, any and all doubt that something significant and meaningful is brewing on the campus of Greenwood Genetic Center should be allayed. However, if any doubt is lingering out there, then consider the announcement last week Duke Endowment is ponying up a $2.75 million donation to GGC.
This multi-year donation is directly connected to Self Regional Healthcare's three-year, $5.6 million donation.
That's a lot of millions, folks, and you're not going to find the likes of Duke Endowment or Self Regional just tossing that kind of money around without it being a sure bet.

These millions of dollars are, of course, being poured into a vast and vital endeavor at Greenwood Genetic Center, an endeavor that involves extensive research and development and will include Clemson University and the soon-to-be-built Clemson Center for Human Genetics.
Some readers, especially newcomers to the Greenwood area, might not even be aware of the presence of GGC. Lately, however, if they have been reading the newspaper, they have an inkling of what is and will taking place on the sprawling campus.
But GGC's history extends well beyond the announced partnership with Clemson University and the dollars invested by Duke Endowment and Self Regional Healthcare.
For example, new mothers can thank GGC for its research that led to the finding that folic acid is vital to a newborn's health, greatly reducing the risk of birth defects that affect the brain and spinal cord.
That type of groundbreaking discovery — and more — is certainly expected to come out of the partnership that evolved to what it is today. That type of research and development, which will no doubt spell great outcomes for mankind in terms of growth, development and even disease prevention, is what is hoped for and expected in the years ahead.
Great minds have been and will continue to be at work on Greenwood Genetic Center's campus. Fortunately for GGC and for those who will reap the benefits of the research, investors have recognized and continue to recognize that fact.
Clearly, they have seen past results and have faith in what the future will bring at GGC, one of Greenwood's little-known gems. Their investment is as commendable as the work done at GGC itself.