Ihad to laugh when New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was on the "David Letterman Show" on Feb. 4.
I wasn't the only one to do so when the rather rotund Christie whipped out a doughnut and started to eat it while being interviewed by the talk show host.
I figure for as many people sitting there laughing, there were plenty of folks who didn't find Christie's gesture very amusing.
In fact, the incident raised quite a few eyebrows and created fodder for news and talk shows for more than a week.
There were exchanges between Christie backers and detractors. The governor, who is among possible candidates for a run at the presidency, even told a former White House physician to "shut up" when talking about his weight.
It was kind of ironic the two guests Letterman had on his show Feb. 4 were Jersey guys who attended the University of Delaware.
Both also came from New Orleans following Super Bowl XLVII in which the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers. One was there quarterbacking his team to a Super Bowl win. Christie was there because MetLife Stadium, in the Jersey Meadowlands, is hosting the next Super Bowl ... outdoors Feb. 2, 2014.
Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco was Letterman's other guest. When Flacco was interviewed by Letterman, he sat in the chair to the host's right. There was some space on both sides of Flacco as he talked about the game the day before.

In great contrast, when the dapperly-dressed Christie came out and sat down, one could hardly see the chair he was precariously perched in.
Flacco's playing weight is listed as 245 pounds. Christie, while not an official playing weight, is estimated to tip the scales at more than 330 pounds. Some say Christie weighs more, some say less. Christie isn't divulging his weight.
Christie, 50, on the Letterman show claimed to be the "healthiest fat guy you've ever seen in your life." He said his blood sugar and his cholestoral numbers are good.
Christie said he has tried to diet and lose weight for more than half his life.
He works with a trainer four days a week, he said, and he's trying to eat better, but added that's hard. He doesn't argue he is obese.
I know trying to eat better is tough in Jersey. That's true for anywhere, but the Garden State does have some of the most diverse and tasty ethnic foods available anywhere.
I know that firsthand. I also know firsthand being obese in not something to be taken lightly. Trying to lose weight and keep it off is something that is an everyday struggle.
I do it everyday. I'm closer now to Flacco's weight than I am Christie's. There was a time I was closer to Christie's weight than Flacco's.
A weighty issue is obesity, running the country isn't.

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