As a veteran of the Pacific Fleet during the Korean conflict era, I had the privilege of associating with some of the most stable and contributing people who live on planet Earth. It has been my good privilege to exchange notes and phone calls with between 12 and 15 of these. They have been the strong people in their communities. From Arizona to Virginia and in between these people have become the backbone of their communities. Some of them have passed away, but their spouses and family have carried on their traditions.
We honor their service along with that group who now serve. Not all of us lived through dangerous conflict, but if we had to do it we would.
Let us pray for our service men and women and for their leadership of our country. A good revolution of attitude and action if called for would be very much in order. Serious prayer on the part of each of us would be in serious order. May we live well and remind others of that need.

Reuel Westbrook