Well, we have to give a thumbs up -- and maybe even a good howl -- to all the volunteers who today took to Grace Street Park to help the Parks and Trail Foundation folks begin clearing out and cleaning up what will become Greenwood’s very first dog park, which will be housed within the overall park and will include a fenced area to ensure dog safety. Greenwood is full of dog lovers, so we are confident the dog park will be a well used and much enjoyed addition to the park, which is really taking shape these days.

Thumbs up to the Humane Society of Greenwood for finding a fun and cute way to raise awareness about animal cruelty. Rather than focusing on the tragic side of the issue, HSOG is taking the approach that what it promotes might get mirrored by enough people that the idea catches on. Pets are living creatures that do not deserve the abuse and mistreatment they all too often receive.
And so, in celebrating April as Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, HSOG is having a contest. People are asked to submit digital photos of themselves positively interacting with their pets. Those photos will be posted on HSOG’s website and staff will pick the best of the best, which will be published in an upcoming edition of the newspaper.

Do we give the teen who stowed away on a flight to Hawaii a thumbs up? For surviving? Well, sure, we’re glad he survived that flight inside the wheel well, but really the thumbs up would be for his raising awareness that we are not really as secure as we’d like to think at our airports.
While inside airport terminals they busy themselves singling out innocuous little old ladies for full body scans and strip searches, make us all remove nearly every stitch of clothing and dignity and broadcast periodic recorded announcements about how we should not let anyone we know put anything in our luggage, it seems anyone has a darn good chance of accessing the plane we’re about to board completely undetected. Now, doesn’t that just make you feel 100 percent better about air travel? While you are a major threat because you tucked a mini Bic lighter in your luggage so you’d be able to light that cigarette sometime after landing, someone else can casually walk up to the plane you’re about to board and place who knows what inside the wheel well. Security like that is enough to make any air traveler a confirmed smoker.

Teresa Goodman gets a thumbs up as the new executive director of Community Initiatives.
In a Closer Look profile story written about Goodman and published Monday, the accolades make it apparent she was indeed the ideal choice to fill the post. Goodman previously worked with teens in the Teen Companions at Bell Street Middle School in Clinton. One of Goodman’s students had this to say of her teacher: “Her heart for the youth is just incredible. She’ll do anything to help you strive for and reach your goals.”
Indeed, we suspect Goodman will be a standout director of the nonprofit organization and have a positive impact on people and the community in her new role.