Greenwood County Council gets a thumbs up for stepping up and becoming a partner in the creation of the city’s Uptown Market.
The county is poised to pony up $100,000 toward the paving of what is commonly referred to as the jury parking lot off Edgefield Street, a dirt and gravel lot that is — well, a rather poor excuse for a public parking lot. The paved lot should provide additional necessary parking for that area of Uptown, parking that will serve the market, area restaurants and businesses while yet serving the public doing its civic duty on jury duty.

Thumbs up to all the vendors and visitors who participated in the Index-Journal’s latest Home & Garden Expo at Greenwood Mall. We witnessed the growth of this event during the past couple of years and, here at the IJ, there is plenty of excitement regarding how well it is going and how much it is growing.
Frankly, when we got into the expo business — the newspaper also puts together the annual Parents Expo in August — we were not 100 percent sure what to expect. But participation in both events has been great and we have heard nothing but good things from vendors and the crowds coming through.

Say what you will about the National Rifle Association, but the group does a lot of good, even at the community level. The NRA has taken its share of hits because of its allegiance to and stringent support of the Second Amendment, especially in light of various shooting tragedies across the nation, but not everyone is familiar with the many positive programs the NRA has.
A great example is what local chapters do, such as in Saluda where the chapter is helping fund the town’s police department and its rapid response team. The nearly $7,000 donation will go toward the purchase of necessary equipment for the team.
As a footnote, we have to wonder if there would be fewer shootings involving school-age children and young adults if more children were given the opportunity to participate in the NRA’s well-respected Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program that teaches gun safety.

Keep Greenwood County Beautiful gets a thumbs up for its ongoing efforts to accomplish what its very name reflects. The organization has a shot at winning a $12,000 gardening grant from Troy-Bilt in a nationwide competition that involves online voting. We encourage residents to help by voting at
Meanwhile, however, we are again going to have to give a thumbs down to the people who make the workload for such organizations that much harder because they are just plain lazy, disrespectful of public and private property and pathetic individuals. Yes, that would be the litterers we’re referring to here.