We'll toss out a thumbs down to some people who are doing a tremendous job making this area look pathetic.
A teacher of the year admits to stealing cash and gift cards from a Ninety Six school, a prison guard admits to having sex with an inmate at Leath Correctional ...
Oh, the list seems to be endless, does it not? At times it seems as if much of the Lakelands would qualify for endless installments of Dumb Crook News. But they have nothing on the thugs we have around here who physically and mentally abusing their significant others. One just got out of court Thursday and another landed on page 2A Friday on charges he repeatedly struck a woman and held her against her will for hours.

Ted Boyd and his Bi-Lo store get a thumbs up this week for helping ensure dollars flow to Greater Greenwood United Ministry. In fact, $10,000 was donated to the nonprofit Jan. 17.