Once again, we’re focused more on the positives, so it’s another week where all the thumbs are pointing up. And why not? We have had some great weather -- fortunate to have dodged some of those major storms that swept up from the South -- and there are some good times lying ahead, such as the Spring Festival in Abbeville, which you can still enjoy today and tonight.
Then there is the Pottery Trail to enjoy and really a whole host of various activities. Next up is the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women’s Health Classic at the Links at Stoney Point this coming week. In short, it’s a great time to be in the Lakelands as there is absolutely no shortage of things to do and enjoy. You might just have to let the grass grow till September you’ll be so busy on the weekends.
Upper Savannah Job Fair, right along with the 80 or so businesses and industries and job seekers who participated, get a thumbs up for what apparently can be deemed a tremendously successful event earlier this week. Greenwood Mall has been an ideal one-stop shop that links employers with potential employees, so we hope this event continues every year. While it would be wonderful to have an unemployment rate of zero, that is not going to happen. But as long as there are employers and potential employees seeking jobs, it is good that this event takes place annually. Kudos and a thumbs up to all who worked behind the scenes to make it happen too.

Thumbs up to the City of Greenwood for rolling out its brand new HAZMAT truck that will be a great asset when the city fire department has to respond to various disasters. The truck came with a hefty price tag of $400,000, but the bulk of that was picked up through a FEMA grant. The department’s previous truck, Bud One, quit. We’d like to suggest the city find a few bucks and get Bud One back in running condition, though. That vehicle was donated to the city by Budweiser some years back. In the event of a disaster that’s not so disastrous after all, it might be nice to see the Bud truck rolling down the road amid cheers. Or maybe the truck could get wrapped in vinyl with the Budweiser logo and be the official beer truck on site for such events as the Festival of Discovery or the Spring Festival on Oregon Avenue, or ... Then again, maybe not.
What an incredible milestone to celebrate. Sure, we have not reached 100 percent in this country, much less this state, but it is encouraging to note that the nation can claim an 80 percent graduation rate among public high school students. The U.S. Department of Education’s statistics from 2012 reflect a 74 percent graduation rate for South Carolina. It is and has been a frustrating and difficult hurdle for educators all across the nation, but inroads obviously have been and continue to be made. It’s called progress, and it’s good.