We've already touched on the topic somewhat, but at the very least the kids involved in the Jan. 31 brawl between Ware Shoals High and Tamassee-Salem High basketball teams are deserving of a thumbs down. Five Ware Shoals players and four Tamassee-Salem players were swiftly suspended from their respective teams. Superintendent Fay Sprouse said some Ware Shoals players might also be facing expulsion from school.
Sports contests often get heated. The competition is often fierce and tensions sometimes do run high. However, there are right and wrong ways to behave during and after athletic events. If anything good is to come of this situation, we hope it is a widespread lesson on sportsmanlike conduct.

Greenwood's Len Bornemann certainly deserves a thumbs up for being tapped as the 48th member of the Greenwood Chamber's Hall of Fame last week. It was even more fitting that Bornemann, who once served as the Chamber's executive director, was added to the list of honorees as the Chamber enters a year of celebrating its centennial in Greenwood.
The Chamber also gets a thumbs up for launching a new honor this year, posthumously awarding Benjamin E. Mays the Distinguished Humanitarian Award. Mays, as most readers do or should know, was born in Greenwood County to sharecroppers. He valued a life beyond the fields of the farm and pursued higher education. He later became president of Moorehouse College and is regarded as a civil rights pioneer, serving as mentor to Martin Luther King Jr.