I know there are folks in the Greenwood area who have purchased CDs or downloaded music put out by the blues performers in town recently for the annual South Carolina Festival of Discovery and Greenwood Blues Cruise in Uptown Greenwood. If anyone is tired of going through the same music selection over and over or has gotten a hankerin’ for new music, have no fear.
There’s some new music on Youtube by Greenwood native and blues legend Toni Spearman. The video for her single, “Rockin’ at House No. 9,” can be found online with a quick search of her name on Youtube. “Rockin’ in House No. 9” should be the first Spearman video to pop up.
The video features Spearman and her band performing at a blues festival in Salisbury, North Carolina, several years ago. Beside Spearman and the band, the video, produced by David Payne Studios in New York City, offers a stroll down memory lane because of some of the other clips used.

It doesn’t take an eagle eye to notice clips from “Soul Train.” There are even clips from a dance club that had to be from the 1980s. There’s no doubt the women in the video are sporting jacked up Jersey hair.
Also dancing in the video are Fred “Rerun” Stubbs and Fred Sanford. Rerun, played by Fred Berry, was part of the ensemble on the hit TV show “What’s Happening,” while Sanford, played by Redd Foxx, best remembered for his grabbing his chest and saying “I’m coming to join ya, Elizabeth” on the TV show “Sanford and Son.” It was great to see Foxx sliding across the screen as only he could.
But perhaps the best part of “Rockin’ at House No. 9” is the dancing chihuahua. Check it out. For about 14 seconds in the middle of the video the chihuahua is seen doing the cha-cha-cha.
Spearman knows about what she sings. The song was penned after some neighborhood gatherings at Spearman’s home in Germany. The gatherings were filled with friendship and food. She first performed the song this past December during one of the infamous neighborhood gatherings.
Spearman said, “I sang it and everybody freaked out. Everybody was singing ‘House No. 9.’”
And many are in the song, including across-the-street neighbor Miss Lucy, the Miss Lucy who “lost her shoes at House No. 9.”
In May of this year, Spearman talked to me about the song, which she was excited to be getting out to be heard. She said she’d gotten favorable comments and DJs were playing the song, including Greenwood’s own Pat Patterson.
Patterson said he liked the song because it’s about a party.
“It tells a good story,” Patterson said. “It’s a fun song.”
Spearman hasn’t forgotten her roots. She tries to get back to Greenwood for a performance or two each year.
Creating a party atmosphere is nothing new to the performer. Her earlier CD, “Live from Stokie’s,” featured the single “Boogie at Stokie’s,” which honored her longtime relationship with the Greenwood nightclub and owner Stokes Adams. Whenever Spearman would sing that song at its namesake in Hampton Plaza, she’d bring down the house.
 According to Spearman’s song, “House No. 9 is the place to be,” so, “come on everybody, we’re rockin’ house No. 9.”

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