I know when anyone speaks of doing away with the use of tobacco, there are repercussions.
There are volumes of money involved with the sale of these products. The government gets a large chunk, also the companies making the tobacco products and farmers.
We should, however, realize nicotine is a chemical component. It can be used as an insecticide. It is unhealthy. In human usage, it is habit forming. Smoking, chewing, sniffing tobacco has been around for ages.
According to some studies, inhaling nicotine in tobacco smoke can also cause depression. Smokers leave a smell on themselves and their habitat that is offensive to others and can cause nausea. Why is it that expectant mothers cannot be charged with possible harm to the unborn baby and yet with any other drug they can be? There is a link to cancer and respiratory problems in usage of tobacco.
In light of what damage tobacco can do to humans, why do they continue the habit? It may be the stimulant they receive.
It is commendable one national drug store has banned the sale of tobacco products.

Myrtle Boyd
Ninety Six