So, is state Sen. Lee Bright simply trolling for conservative voters who think U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham sold out and is just too left of center? Or does he really and truly think it is a good idea to put machine guns in the hands of public school teachers?
Bright, who announced as a challenger to Graham's re-election bid, made it no secret he thinks armed teachers could prevent another Newtown, Conn. And while the argument certainly can be made if someone were armed on a school campus, deaths at the hands of a shooter could be avoided or, at least, significantly reduced the debate rages on regarding whether the armed "good guys" ought to be the teachers.
School resource officers are an everyday aspect of our public schools' landscape anymore, but the idea teachers ought to be armed and ready to act as de facto police officers warrants more than just a cursory nod to the Second Amendment rights of people to bear arms.

We said it before and we'll say it again here: Teachers are hired to teach. They do not need to be put in the position of being defenders by proxy of school children's lives. Separate the two, find ways to better screen campus visitors and ensure as best as can be the safety of all on a school campus.
But Bright, on Fox News Radio's The Alan Colmes Show last week, touted not only arming teachers, but also allowing them to be armed with machine guns. Never mind just how cumbersome that would be as you visualize the teacher trying to operate a smart board with a machine gun slung over his or her shoulder.