I volunteer at the Greenwood Country Library on Fridays and, according to the detour map on page 15 in the Festival of Discovery insert, traffic on Washington Street and entrances to the library were closed so I turned onto Marion Avenue and turned right turned onto Edgefield Street. I turned onto Park and found that I could not get to the library that way.
I stopped and asked how I might get to the library and was told there was an opening off Main Street and I could get into the first entrance of the library. However, while fumbling my way around the big event I noticed cars that seemed to be aimlessly moving and drivers rubber-necking along the back streets. It was at that time that I was aware there were no detour signs indicating to out-of-town or passing-through drivers the route of the detour. They were simply left to find their own way.
Next year, keep this in mind when planning the closure of Uptown for this wonderful event. It would be a simple courtesy for travelers.
Marilyn Goode