What often strikes us as amazing is when we hear people say there is "nothing to do here."
These words are most often heard in the Greenwood area, but others in the Lakelands say the same thing. These same people say they have to leave town, head to Greenville or elsewhere, for something to do.
Really? Hey, we have nothing against Greenville or Columbia or Atlanta or wherever else you might consider going for something to do. After all, while there's no place like home, there's plenty of fun and adventure beyond our own borders. That said, though, the folks who claim there is nothing to do here are flat wrong. Or uniformed.
It is probably fair to say Greenwood is the hub serving multiple nearby counties, and while it is not an Atlanta or even a Greenville, it does offer plenty of recreational and entertainment opportunities.
For example, Greenwood has a vibrant arts community in the Arts Center, The Museum, Greenwood Community Theatre, Lander University's performing arts and theater. There exists an incredible array of local talent whose works — in all mediums — grace the walls of the Arts Center and elsewhere on a near-constant basis. We might not offer Broadway, but we have exceptional talent taking to Greenwood stages (and not at Broadway prices). The sellout of "The Wizard of Oz" should tell you something about that.
There are venues galore where some of the best local talent can be seen and heard. If you don't realize just how musically talented Greenwood is, you've not left home or the office much. Plus, Greenwood has been a magnet for some incredible outside musical talent, most especially shared during the Music on Maxwell series at Jon Holloway's Sundance Studio.
And what about our festivals? Festival of Flowers is coming up in June. Right behind it, the second weekend in July, is the ever-growing Festival of Discovery and Greenwood Blues Cruise.
Outdoors is more your speed? Well, we are surrounded by beautiful lakes and state parks. We have walking trails, Parson's Mountain and great camping opportunities.

Calhoun Falls is developing a tremendous outdoor recreational venue in The Blue Hole, Abbeville offers plenty in the way of history, dining and great theater in the Abbeville Opera House. McCormick has The MACK, its own state park and camping facility — the list, readers, continues. You just have to take time to explore it, but first you have to take time to learn about it by paying attention to what is out there.
Sure, the Lakelands is a great place to call home, it's a great home to some darn good golfing, too. But Greenwood and the surrounding Lakelands offers plenty more than a place to live, work and golf — and the above is only a partial list, so we hope no one takes offense for not being included.
By all means, go to Greenville. Go to Charlotte. Go to Atlanta. Go to Columbia. Go to the mountains and the coast. That's fine. Just don't forget that for your leisure time — and Auntie Em's — Dorothy Gale spoke words of wisdom when she said "There's no place like home."