Calhoun Falls, you're off to a decent start under your new mayor, Johnnie Waller.
It is encouraging Waller not only supports the overall Blue Hole recreational project that very well could provide the town a much-needed economic boost, but also wants to ensure it is clear the council is behind the project as there was some strong debate about the project's worthiness.
Most especially, Councilman Charlie Tillman, who also ran for the mayor's post in the last election, has been loud and proud in his opposition to the project. It should be noted while Tillman has been a vocal opponent to the recreational complex plan that developed under former mayor Lee Garrett, he has been rather silent in offering any substantial economic development plan of his own.

But on Monday night, Tillman got a very loud reply from Waller and the rest of council when a 4-1 vote came down on the side of support for the Blue Hole Pavilion project.
With the vote, council gave the town's administrator, Tuck Hanna, the OK to move forward with the pavilion's construction, authorizing him to oversee the project and work within a price range of roughly $95,000. The town already has support for the project from West Carolina Rural Telephone Cooperative Inc., which ponied up $25,000 and naming rights for the pavilion.