Our world is filled with many complexities and is ever changing. We no longer have a sense of peace or security. It is filled with evil doings starting at the top ranks, with an ultimate goal being to control, so enter the new world order, a one-world money system and the “do as I say, not as I do” mentality.
Political corruption has destroyed justice and truth to control the masses of people with the lies politicians spew at election time. Through the forces of the elite, Satan is accomplishing what he set out to do from the beginning -- destroy using power, envy, evil, corruption in high places. We have just enough truth entwined with the lies to make it plausible to believe.
Poison darts are fired at Christianity on a daily basis, for any who worship God and Jesus Christ. They are trying to wipe out the very mention of them. We should be alerted to God’s word by the floods, earthquakes, unusual weather, corruption and evil to realize he is trying to warn us judgment is coming.

Bonnie Grancelli