The parallel between John de la Howe School and the tale of the Titanic can be drawn yet again.
Following last week's resignations of the board of trustees' chairwoman, Jan Duncan, and vice chairwoman, Rosalind Neal, only four members of what is supposed to be a nine-member board remained. Those four — Barbara Devinney, Felicia Preston, Donna Wesby and Ted McGee — had an impromptu meeting Friday, with McGee participating via telephone, which, by the way, seems to be a preferred method for the school's trustees to conduct business.

In that meeting, Devinney, Preston and Wesby voted in open session to name Devinney chairwoman, Wesby vice chairwoman, with Preston remaining on as secretary. For reasons not known to the newspaper, McGee did not cast a vote in open session.
Were it not for the children involved, and were it not for the once-stellar history the school had in service to children who often slip through societal cracks and chasms, there might be some humor to the tale. It is as though the remaining members are playing musical deck chairs aboard the Titanic.
There is nothing humorous, of course, about what has happened and continues to happen at de la Howe. It is sadly obvious that in more recent history, at least, the school is mismanaged, its leadership (a questionable word to use here) has ignored directives regarding spending state taxpayer dollars at the school and the board of trustees is running amok.