Chances are very few people are reading this first thing this morning. And that's OK.
This is not to suggest the Viewpoints page, or any pages of the newspaper, are not worthy of your attention. On the contrary; however, we won't take offense whatsoever if readers are more in scan mode this morning.
We know it will not be the case in every household this morning, but we have this great image right now of so many of our customers scurrying about the home with fresh coffee brewing, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcasting on TV and folks together in the kitchen putting finishing touches on the casseroles and turkey they'll consume in far less time than they took to prepare.
Later in the day, perhaps while the children are enjoying a nice fall day outside and after the adults had that last slice of pumpkin pie or a cold turkey sandwich, the paper will be revisited. The women (and perhaps some men) of the house will start plotting their shopping strategies, anxious to hit the doors of retailers whose voluminous advertisements added nearly as much weight to today's paper as they fear they will gain from their Thanksgiving Day feast.
We wish that Rockwell-like image were taking place in every household in the Lakelands, but not every household is a home. Some families are torn apart by physical, mental, alcohol and drug abuse. Some are simply hoping today they can eke out another meal; turkey and all the trimmings many of us will enjoy are but an image in their minds.

Unemployment, poverty, abuse, homelessness. Here? In Greenwood and the Lakelands? Absolutely.
And while we wish that were not the case, we are fortunate in many ways there are people and agencies that address these problems.
Today, many people will indeed get a hearty Thanksgiving meal thanks to the kindness of others who are sacrificing the chance to spend the holiday at home with family in order to provide for others less fortunate.
Beyond today, long after the turkey has been put away, the kitchen cleaned up and as people doze on the couch or in an easy chair, there remain agencies that will continue to reach the needs of this community. United Way agencies, The Salvation Army, Bowers-Rodgers, the Soup Kitchen, Beyond Abuse and The Child's Place, Piedmont Agency on Aging, Cornerstone, Faith Home and other groups will continue doing what they do to try to improve the lives of so many around us so they, too, one day, will be able to have a truly happy Thanksgiving, a merry Christmas, a fulfilling life.
So today, if you are among those enjoying a delicious feast with family and friends, if you are among those who will have the ways and means to brave the early morning doorbuster sales and maddening crowds to shop for Christmas, be thankful that is the case. But more than that, be thankful there are people and agencies right here who are doing their part to improve the lives and well-being of others.
Might we also suggest you consider expressing that thanks through giving? Perhaps someone in your family has been helped, or perhaps you simply recognize the good these agencies do, the impact they have and you want to help them succeed.