It's a big ole holiday thumbs up today. If we could, we'd adorn the accompanying thumb with a wreath. Or some holly and ivy. Something festive, at any rate.
The thumbs up is going out to all the good people who have been in the holiday spirit with outstanding decorations in the various business districts. Since we are situated in the heart of Greenwood proper, we are particularly proud of and pleased with the expanded decorating the city has done. Looks like a scene out of "It's a Wonderful Life" along the main street in Bedford Falls. Maybe even better.
We'll extend that thumbs up to the start of Christmas parades, too. Ninety Six's parade rolls through town today and Greenwood's parade, in keeping with a long-standing tradition, will be Sunday. Other towns are following suit, of course, and all deserve a thumbs up for their spirited efforts.

To the All-Lakelands players and coaches who were honored this past week at the banquet, jointly sponsored by the Greenwood Touchdown Club and the Index-Journal, a thumbs up on a tremendous season in which you excelled. It was a pleasure to bestow the honors on you this year. Seniors, best of luck in the future. Those yet to graduate, we wish you continued success.

We'll go out on a limb here and suppose the vast majority of fans will be well behaved this evening. After all, it's just a couple of days after Thanksgiving, right?
At 7 p.m., the South's longest-running football rivalry gets underway at Williams-Brice Stadium as Carolina hosts Clemson. Will "fear the thumb" prove to be more than a prophecy? Or will the Tigers strike and maul the chickens this year?
While we know it matters to a great many readers which team does wind up victorious tonight, we truly do hope people will keep their fanaticism at a decent level and not fight or tear each other apart.

A thumbs down is inadequate when it comes to scammers and thieves. 'Tis the season when scammers are out and about in various forms, whether through the Internet, telephone or in person. Nowadays, it seems the Internet and phone are the top choices when it comes to scamming people in an effort to steal bank information.
Watch out for those criminals who hang around store parking lots, hoping to take advantage of busy holiday shoppers. They don't care you're spending your hard-earned money on gifts for family and friends. They want the gifts to pawn, sell and even keep for themselves. Some are brazen enough to get in your face and rob you of your wallet and cash.