Reflecting on good news

We know it will soon be forgotten, but to all the people who have written or called and said to one of the newsroom employees "You only publish bad news on the front page to sell newspapers" we say "Say what?!"
Many examples about, such as the paper's weekly "A Closer Look" feature in which someone in the Lakelands is profiled.
Let us direct you also to Sunday's front page, which was overflowing with good news. To begin with, there was the story about the City of Greenwood being one of five recipients of the 2014 Elizabeth O'Neill Verner Governor's Award for the Arts.
This is not only good news about the city, but also good news as it relates to our city's government because the award was received in the government category. It is the city's ambitious and conscious efforts to tie the arts and city revitalization efforts together.

Then there was Lander University's homecoming weekend. A photo package illustrated some of the great fun Lander alumni had while a story about SportsBreak hosting a parking lot party brought smiles amid tears. But mostly smiles as people gathered in support of their longtime favorite gathering place that has been closed since a Jan. 29 fire ravaged the building.
Yes, we publish what can be labeled bad news. It, just like the rest of the news we report, is a reflection of our community. But we are glad to publish the good news, even though we can notice an appreciable decline in sales from the vending racks when the front-page headlines are more happy than sad or tragic. But that's human nature, just as it is human nature, apparently, to forget the good things.
But keep on reading.