Greenwood Partnership Alliance has had its share of roller coaster rides throughout its relatively short history as the county's leading economic development arm.
That not only speaks to the national economy's downturn, which essentially affected any given state's economic development efforts, but also some less-than-ideal performances by two who had been entrusted with the Partnership's helm. In fact, the Partnership's ship nearly ran aground. It was not until Mark Warner was appointed CEO that Partnership Alliance regained its proper course and sailed in safer waters.
Warner brought integrity and trust back to the efforts of Partnership. Public and private investors soon knew they could again believe in Partnership and its leadership.
Warner's tenure came to an end in August as he took a new opportunity and challenge with local engineering firm Davis & Floyd.
That resignation led to the hiring of Heather Simmons Jones as interim CEO of Partnership and appointment as leader of a search to find a more permanent replacement, but when Simmons Jones expressed an interest in taking her interim role to the next level, as an applicant for consideration, a necessary shift occurred. No longer could her consulting company lead the search, for obvious reasons, and no longer could the flow of applicants' resumes land on her desk.