Fair and balanced.
Nope, this is not a Fox News broadcast. Nor are we about to launch into a speech about how the newspaper is not biased toward Clemson. Or Carolina. Or Emerald High. Or Greenwood High. Or Ninety Six High.
This is all about food, actually. And no, it is not about having a balanced diet, either. Well, come to think of it, in a way it is about a balanced diet. Or the lack of one.
Quite simply, this is about our throwing our support once again behind the annual City vs. County Food Drive that benefits the Food Bank of Greenwood County, Greater Greenwood United Ministry and the Soup Kitchen.
You see, the drive puts food on these organizations' shelves and enables them to continue their efforts to help feed our more needy neighbors and fellow residents in Greenwood County. That's where the balanced diet comes into play.
As to the "fair and balanced" phrase, well that's just us saying we want readers to get on board and support the food drive, but we are not taking sides on this one. Sure, we've had our disagreements with members of the city and county councils about some key issues and used this space to say as much. But on this matter, we're not taking sides. At least, that is, we are not urging readers to support either governmental entity in their friendly competition. Rather, we are simply urging readers to support the drive by delivering pounds and pounds of food, be it canned goods, bags of rice and any assortment of non-perishables for their shelves.

The drive comes to an end at 10 a.m. Monday when there will be a weigh-in at the Greenwood Farmers Market to determine not only how much food was collected, but also which of the competing sides collected the heaviest load in its name. We don't really care whether the county or city emerges the victor and gets to claim the Can of Corn Trophy, just so long as there's plenty to celebrate as a result of a successful drive.
Readers, this is not just a competition between city and county officials and employees, but if the competition is what gets you on board, by all means choose a side and come through with a big delivery.
Fancy yourself a fan of the City of Greenwood? Then cart your donations to the third floor of the Municipal Building by the deadline. Heck, maybe you can drop them square on Charlie Barrineau's desk.
More of a County of Greenwood person? Take your donations to Park Plaza and see if you can plop them on Toby Chappell's desk.
Of course, there is another option to consider. Maybe you, like us, don't want to choose sides. In that case, get equal portions of food and visit both offices. You too can be fair and balanced. And kind and giving.