It’s difficult not to get more than a twinge of excitement right now. It’s almost as if the Masters not only officially heralds spring, but also sort of jump starts a big season right here in Greenwood.
We just had the inaugural Uptown Live concert, with Fabulous Expressions kicking off the season (congrats on no rainout, band!), the next one is about to take place Thursday and then — or so it seems — things really take off at break-neck speed.
Something new has been added to the mix and comes on the heels of the Masters. This one is the Symetra golf tournament coming to The Links at Stoney Point. OK, officially it is the Self Regional Healthcare Foundation Women’s Health Classic. Whew! I’m glad I’m in print journalism, not broadcast. That’s a mouthful, even for an old pro like Dave Fezler at Sunny 103.5.

THIS IS BIG STUFF, folks. We’ll have 144 ladies teeing up at Stoney Point the Thursday before Mother’s Day and playing right through that special day. And it’s not just about golf. No, Denise and Jim Medford are doing more than turning their golf course into a great place for a major tournament. They are also ensuring money flows into some worthwhile local charitable organizations that have missions focusing on women’s health and well-being. Sure, the tournament will also mean lots of money pouring into the local economy as a result of hotel occupancy, full restaurants and even some local shopping. Tickets are cheap too, so locals will have plenty of opportunity to get out there and watch the ladies play.

COME JUNE, ESPECIALLY IF golf’s not your thing, there’s a little something called the Festival of Flowers looming and blooming on the horizon.
While FoF — look, after trying to write out the full name of the golf tournament, I’m going with as many abbreviations as I can — has been undergoing some changes the past few years, it remains a premiere event for Greenwood and continues to attract thousands of folks from outlying areas. Witnessing the changes to the festival’s makeup is not unlike seeing what takes place at Park Seed in its trial gardens and I expect the festival will remain a hearty plant.
After we all take time to smell the flowers — and so much more — the smell of barbecue, brisket, chicken, ribs and hash will begin wafting throughout Uptown Greenwood, signaling the start of the Festival of Discovery and Greenwood Blues Cruise.

HOT? SURE. IT’S A HOT TIME of year for a barbecue event, but so what? Enjoy it. This is official goings-on here, folks, as it is sanctioned by the Kansas City Barbeque Society and brings in triple-digit competitors.
And the music? What a great lineup Gary Erwin (Shrimp City Slim) brings year after year. Uptown comes alive and truly is an extraordinary sensory experience jammed into one weekend.
So get ready. Get your summer calendar out and start blocking out some dates. You should have a heck of a time figuring out when to go out of town on vacation because there is so much fun stuff to do here, it’s worth having a staycation. And it’ll go fast. Next thing you know, you’ll be putting away the lawn mower, covering the pool and preparing for fall. But that’s OK too, because you know we have some decent fall activities around here as well.

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