Ninety Six’s 41-20 victory against St. Joseph’s last Friday was the first test run for coach Mike Doolittle. But fortunately, he says the turnover has been quite easy since returning to the school. And a lot of that, he says, was based off respect and discipline.
“The first lesson I had with them through the year was telling time,” Doolittle said. “It is better to be early than on time.”
This was one of many teaching moments during preseason activities. That consistent attentiveness is what Doolittle said will be the most important factor in this week’s home game against Emerald.

“We are not consistent enough in the things we do,” Doolittle said. “We do something good two or three times and have a hiccup. It is part of the learning curve.”
The key to the Wildcats’ offense is Rod Johnson, the team’s senior running back who had a career-high 252 rushing yards and four touchdowns in the game last week.