Anna Kathryn Stoddard, Greenwood High School's top-seeded girls runner, cried when she found out she had suffered a stress fracture in her lower right leg.
That did not slow her drive, though, to be the best she could be.
In fact, she still managed to finish second in the Region 1-AAAA meet. Not only did she do that, but she set the school record several times, maxing out at a five-kilometer time of 19 minutes, 21 seconds.

Of course, after also twice being named a National Elite runner, Stoddard - a sophomore - is the Lakeleands Female Cross-Country Runner of the Year.
"This was a very memorable year because I was just really happy that I could break my personal record and have a stress fracture at the same time," Stoddard said.
How did she block out the realization of a stress fracture, you ask?