No coach ever wants to endure the kind of frustrating season the Greenwood Christian School football team had to endure this season.
Coming off a 7-4 season and a playoff appearance last season, the Hawks regressed and stumbled to a 2-8 season in 2013, which obviously wasn't up to the standards to which third-year coach Gary Gillion had raised the program since taking over.
But while Gillion didn't try to hide the fact the product on the field wasn't up to par, he said he and his coaching staff believe this year could be a wake-up call for the players that lived it.
"I had someone ask me if I thought the year was a disappointment, and I don't believe that," Gillion said. "Obviously, we were disappointed in the way we played. It was a frustrating year because it seemed like we could never get things going the way we wanted.

"But, because of the way the year went, we wound up being able to play a lot of young kids and hopefully that will pay off for us."
Indeed, the combination of injuries and the poor record gave Gillion the chance to play many of the young players that will become prominent role players in the coming years for the Hawks.
Once it became apparent the team's playoff hopes were dashed, that became the biggest goal. In Greenwood Christian's finale against Pee Dee Academy, the Hawks put 16 different players on the field in hopes of getting everyone on the roster some experience.
With the rough season now completed, the Hawks are already hitting the weightroom in preparation for next season, and Gillion said the hope is the struggles of this season will serve as motivation for the future.