Two years ago when McCormick was preparing to play Cross for the Class A Division II state football championship, the Cross coach called Calhoun Falls Charter School coach David Campbell for a scouting report on the Flashes’ Region I-A rival. Campbell told him McCormick had 17 talented seniors, and the Cross coach responded that he had 11 sophomores that think and play like seniors.
Cross went on to win the state championship that year, and that resonated with Campbell throughout Calhoun Falls’ three weeks of spring practice.

The Flashes have a large sophomore class, 11 to be exact. And all of those sophomores played as freshmen last year, gaining valuable game experience. Now, Campbell is looking for those sophomores to play like seniors.
“I can’t help but remember when the coach from Cross called me,” Campbell said. “He said he had 11 sophomores that think they are seniors, and that is my mindset. We’re very excited for the season. Our kids are very excited, too. They can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
“I was really worried about our numbers after winning one game last year, but we had a great spring and are past the numbers problem. The kids are very excited for the season, and that is rubbing off on the coaches, and we’re ready for the season.”