The Ninety Six 4-H Horse Club was well-represented in the SC State 4-H Hippology Contest at Clemson University on Feb. 19.

The club sent 12 members to compete, ranging in age from 7 to 17, Cloverbud to Senior. They have been preparing since September, studying all aspects of horse ownership, including tack, bits, shoes, farrier tools, equine genetics and reproduction, anatomy and physiology, parasites and diseases, hays, feeds, grasses, and all gaits and disciplines.

The Hippology Contest consists of a written exam phase, both impromptu and prepared team problem presentations, a judging phase and a laboratory practical stations phase. More than 200 members from 4-H Clubs all over South Carolina came to participate in the all-day event.

Ribbons were awarded as follows:

Cloverbud: Tyler Dill -- blue ribbon

Emily Jones -- blue ribbon

Junior Team A: Rebekah Floyd, Klaire Rice, Sydney Sutton, Anna Crittendon

Second place Overall, First place Exam Phase, second place Judging Phase, second place Stations Phase, fifth place Team Problem

Junior Team B: Maggie McGee, Paige Douglas, Kassidy Gravely, Kaili Dearman

Third place Overall, first place Judging Phase, fifth place Stations Phase

Junior Individual: Sydney Sutton -- first place overall, fourth place Exam Phase, first place Judging Phase, sixth place Stations Phase, blue Danish ribbon

Rebekah Floyd -- Third place overall, First place Exam Phase, fifth place Stations Phase, blue Danish ribbon

Anna Crittendon -- eighth place overall, third place Exam Phase, eighth place Judging Phase, blue Danish ribbon

Klaire Rice -- 10th place Exam Phase, 10th place Judging Phase, blue Danish ribbon Paige Douglas - third place Judging Phase, 10th place Stations Phase, red Danish ribbon

Kassidy Gravely -- Second place Judging Phase, red Danish ribbon

Maggie McGee -- Fifth place Judging Phase, red Danish ribbon

Kaili Dearman -- Sixth place Judging Phase, red Danish ribbon

Senior Team: Lauryn Brinton, Shelby Turner

6th place Overall, Second place Stations Phase

Senior Individual: Lauryn Brinton -- Seventh place Overall, eighth place Exam Phase, third place Stations Phase, blue Danish ribbon, Regionals Qualified

Shelby Turner -- blue Danish ribbon