Submitted photos

ABOVE:Kris was a stray who was clearly in need of a meal or four. Now eating regularly and gaining weight, his handsome good looks and calm demeanor attract attention from everyone. But he’s a little cautious, and even a bit sad, being in the unknown surroundings of the shelter. To overcome this, Kris needs a home where he can be the blonde Retriever that he is and allowed to enjoy chasing balls and snuggling on the couch. He has many great years ahead of him and much joy to share with others. BOTTOM:If the size of a cat’s head indicates how smart he is, Ted is brilliant. This adult gray guy is quite laid back and seems to be a skilled observer. His safe place is a cozy corner where he can be camouflaged and take note of everything he sees. For sure, he is planning to pen his great American novel. A soft pat on the head or soft rub of the shoulders is Ted’s bliss. He’s a quiet and willing friend to all. The adoption fees are free for both of these pets throughDec. 31.