Submitted photos

ABOVE:Monica sports a chocolate and caramel-colored brindle coat that’s accented by a splash of white on her nose. This 1-year-old Boxer and Boston Terrier mix is cheerful, bright-eyed, and eager to love. A dog-in-training, she really wants to please the people she’s around -- she only needs someone to take the time to help mold her into all that she can be. Monica is always willing to catch the ball, loves to chase a tossed a toy, and would be just as happy to curl up and watch TV on the couch. BELOW:Brownie may not be your typical chocolate color, but she is definitely a sweet treat. Beautiful both inside and out, her soft, muted black, medium-length coat is highlighted by an undercoat of gray. She is a calm, quiet, 1-year-old lady and impossible to resist when curling up in your arms and giving gentle kisses. Brownie is happy to be your one and only or the sibling of another sweet kitty. She is a wonderful friend for all and a perfect girl for snuggle time.

Adoption fees for both these pets are free throughDec. 10.