Submitted photos

ABOVE:Rosaline, what a dream. It seems that she had dreams of being a show dog, because her resting stance is that of a Westminster Kennel Club champion. She enjoys prancing around the yard like a dancing queen while holding her favorite toy in her mouth. Her doggie ego prefers that she be the only pet in the family, but she sure does love people -- the more the merrier. Rosaline is a sight to behold and would be a great walking buddy and indoor family friend. BELOW:Truman is a cat who truly needs rescuing. This former stray, black-and-white man-cat seems to have some emotional baggage. But his needs are real simple and require no effort. He needs to be given space. He needs your patience. He needs to be allowed to choose when and how he will be your friend. But once you pass his vetting process, you will have an eternal soulmate who offers nonstop affection and conversation. Consider adopting Truman and give him the chance to enjoy a full life on his terms.

Adoption fees are free for both of these pets through March 4.