Submitted photos

ABOVE:Class clown, cheerleader, and town crier are all perfect descriptions of Esther. Not only does she rally other dogs to play and check that they’re okay, she’s alert to everything going on to bring you up-to-the-minute news. You can’t get anything by this young girl. Some would call her a “show-off” or “nosey,” but she really just sees herself as being active in her community. This entertaining dog is perfect for the family who will include her in their activities, where Esther will bring her special love to share. BELOW:Want a turn-key indoor cat? Domino is it! He’s been described as relaxed, not fazed by anything, and a chill dude. He purrs nonstop and kids are no problem for him. His mellow yellow attitude could be because of the many hours of sleep he enjoys. If there is a cozy lap in the near vicinity, it’s a sure bet that he’ll find his way to it and on it. Need to reduce your blood pressure? Want a friend who loves you no matter how you look getting out of the shower? Adopt Domino today.

Adoption fees are free for both of these pets through Jan. 14.