ABOVE:Curtis enjoys being active, taking long walks and then relaxing in front of the TV with a favorite companion. This 2-year-old, whose happiness is as bright as the sunshine, has a perfect smile and athletic build. This Terrier mix is solid and strong, ideal for chasing balls, hiking, or any other vigorous exercise. Passionate and fun, Curtis passes out kisses while welcoming good people and good times. BELOW:Peppy Pepper is charming with the perfect combination of spunk and charisma. Black as coal with greenish-yellow eyes, this medium-sized cat loves to strut by you and flip his tail high in the air, confidently showing off his good looks. Chatty Pepper will carry on a colorful conversation about whatever you feel is a hot topic. At just 8 months old, he’s still a little uncertain of dogs, but he appreciates the companionship of other cats. He also loves a gentle ear rub and soft petting from his humans. Visit him at PetSmart -- you’ll notice his pleasant demeanor right away.

Adoption fees are free for both of these pets through March 18.