ABOVE:Keith is a burning, churning ball of playful energy and endless love. His medium build is 100 percent muscle and his brain, 100 percent smarts. He learns very quickly, and a family who patiently works with him will be dazzled by the genius and fun they’ll have in their midst. Attention and affection are as good as gold to him and the more he gets, the more beautiful life becomes. Between Keith’s adorable underbite and his quick, “I’m listening” head-tilt, this brindle man-dog is quite the head turner and canine comic. BELOW:Judging by his shyness and battered body, Brutus had been living a challenging life before coming to the shelter, initially hiding and shying away. Once in good hands, he received regular meals and loving attention and has now blossomed in many ways. He’s more allowing about being picked up and held, freely purring with newfound peace with life, and he’s gained three pounds. His sunshine yellow eyes sparkle with a joy that shows his true personality -- Brutus is coming out of his shell more and more every day.

The adoption fees are free for both of these pets through March 25.