Submitted photos

ABOVE:Simon says, “Look at this Frisbee!” -- “Now throw it for me!” This adult-aged entertainer is a 45-pound barrel of monkeys wanting an active family. A mix of Retriever and Terrier, his antics demonstrate the fun traits of each. He plays fetch with himself, throwing toys in the air and leaping to catch them, but having people to play with would more fun -- older children and any who are young at heart. When Simon meets a new friend, he wants to start having a good time -- Simon says “Let’s get started!” BELOW:Kit Kat, patty whack, give her ear a rub, this 7-year-young Oreo look-alike kitty will give you love. Full of surprises, you may think she’s fast asleep, but then she’ll suddenly somersault onto her back and chirp a few cat words to coax you into giving her a belly rub. Then she’ll peek at you through one of her honeydew melon-green eyes and purr to show you her satisfaction. Adoring of humans she is, but other kitties and dogs not so much. Visit Kit Kat in kitty condo number two.

Adoption fees are free for both of these pets through March 11.