Greenwood artist Elizabeth Nason is a private person who is passionate about her art.

"There's rarely a day when I'm not up at 3:30 a.m., making art in my studio," Nason said, noting she does three-dimensional work, jewelry and painting.

Nason, 73, has a solo show at the Monsanto fine art gallery in the Lander University Josephine B. Abney Cultural Center Auditorium. An artist's reception is from 5-7 p.m. Thursday. A number of pieces in the show are for sale.

"This is all new work, mostly not shown, except for one or two pieces," Nason said. "I'm always moving in a new direction.... I approach every canvas differently."

Painting, Nason said, is a "love" for her and an art medium in which she sees herself "gaining ground."

"I work to please myself, a little more each time," Nason said. "Mostly, I've been doing 3-foot squares.... I'm always working to lose my obsessiveness with detail and to be freer all the time. I kind of like to leave a little 'jumping off spot' for people to get an idea of what might be going on in the work."

Nason said she doesn't like blank canvases. At the end of any given art work day, Nason said she "takes whatever is left over on the table and mush it around on the canvas."

"It gives me some place to start the next time, because I don't use models or props," Nason said. "My colors are quite strong. I always use acrylics.... I like to tell everybody that I work with a hair dryer in one hand and a brush in the other."

Nason said almost all of her works have stories behind them.

"I used to do realistic work, but abstract is a whole other challenge," Nason said. "It's harder for me."

Largely self-taught, Nason said she did not go to art school.

"I remember drawing at 4 years old in my Grimm's fairy tales book," Nason said. "I got my first easel when I was 8 years old.... I wouldn't be where I am or have the progress that I've made in my art if it were not for my husband, Kevan."

Nason has worked in an accounting office, a guitar factory, a car dealership, furniture sales and as a roller skate-wearing car hop in her younger days.

"I have a need to express myself," Nason said. "I'm an artist."

Nason's art has won awards, and she has had many solo shows in Rhode Island, New York, Virginia, Florida and South Carolina. He work is in private homes, businesses and public locations, as well as Main and Maxwell in Greenwood. She has used her studio at her Greenwood home to host art students from Lander University and Erskine College.