Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service will conduct a one-day goat management seminar Nov. 29 at the Edgefield County Extension Conference Room, 304 Gray St., Edgefield. The program runs from 9:30 a.m. to about 4 p.m.

The program will cover several important aspects of goat production. Topics to be covered include:

-- Forage systems for goats.

-- Forage establishment.

-- Goat reproductive cycle.

-- Signs of labor and kidding.

-- Castration.

-- Hoof issues and trimming.

-- Injections.

-- Internal parasites and using FAMACHA.

In addition to myself, there is a great lineup of speakers on hand for this seminar:

-- Dr. Patty Sharko, field extension veterinarian, Clemson University.

-- Brian Beer, area livestock and forages agent, Clemson University.

-- Lee Van Vlake, area livestock and forages agent, Clemson University.

-- Amber R. Starnes, area livestock and forages agent, Clemson University.

The cost for the one-day seminar is $75. This includes a flash drive containing copies of the presentation, fact sheets, lunch and refreshments. This program should prove beneficial to new and experienced goat owners alike. Space is limited.

Applications are available at any Clemson Extension Office. Call 864-223-3264 ext. 114 or visit 105 N. University St., Greenwood for an application.

Gary Coleman is a Clemson Extension agent, livestock and forages. He can be reached at garyc@clemson.edu or call 864-223-3264.