Here's a pop quiz on some curious geographical facts. See how many you know, and have your Atlas handy.

1. The world's longest, undefended border is between what two countries? (Bonus points if you know its exact length.)

2. Does any part of Canada lie south of any of our states (excluding Alaska)?

3. In what direction is Nova Scotia relative to Maine?

4. Does Bermuda lie directly east of Florida?

5. Which continent lies in all four hemispheres -- northern, southern, eastern and western?

6. Where is the one place four state boundaries come together, and what are the states?

7. What is the largest state in area east of the Mississippi?

8. Does South America lie southeast or southwest of Savannah, Georgia? (Think about it.)


1. U.S. and Canada; 5,527 miles long.

2. Yes, the southernmost part of Canada (Ontario Province) is south of the northernmost part of Pennsylvania, and about 150 miles from the Mason-Dixon line.

3. East

4. No, Bermuda lies almost directly east of Charleston.

5. Africa, with the hemispheres defined by the Equator and the Greenwich meridian.

6. The "Four Corners," at the intersection of the borders of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.

7. Georgia

8. Southeast; relative to a north-south line, almost all of South America lies east of Savannah.

C.P.S. (Curious Postscript): "If at first you don't succeed, you are running about average." -- M.H. Alderson

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