The Rev. Alice Ridgill of New Faith Presbyterian Church has authored and self-published her first book, "Maximize the Meantime."

Ordained minister and founding pastor of New Faith Presbyterian Church, the Rev. Alice Ridgill, has written her first book, “Maximizing the Meantime: Feasting on God in Times of Famine.” Ridgill self-published the book through MMGI Books.

The Greenwood pastor said the book falls under the categories of Christian, inspirational self-help, guiding readers through how to make the most of “the uncertain interval between one thing and another.”

“Like a layover between airplane flights, the meantime is pertinent, but it is not permanent,” Ridgill said.

In counseling others as a pastor, Ridgill told the Index-Journal people often tell her they are “waiting on God” to act in their lives.

“My question to them is always, ‘What are you doing in the meantime, while you are waiting for God to do what you’ve prayed about?”

Ridgill said her book offers practical strategies and biblically based advice “on what to do in those meantimes,” suggestions, Ridgill said, that are appropriate for teens to adults.

“I want people to stay encouraged and faithful and faith-filled,” Ridgill said. “I use a lot of personal examples in the book and Scripture.”

One strategy Ridgill said she likes people to employ is to “think about what’s coming” instead of simply focusing on what’s before them.

She said she used that focus technique with church members in the time before their actual church building was constructed and all they could see “was land and trees.”

Another, Ridgill said, is working toward what one aspires to achieve.

“When I was 5 years old, I would preach to Barbie dolls in my room,” Ridgill said with a laugh. “My pretending was preparing me for what I do now.”

Recently, Ridgill said she and members of New Faith’s mission and outreach ministry team took a church bus full of care packages to hand deliver to residents of Ware Shoals Manor and Quiet Acres Rest Home in Abbeville.

Writing a book is something Ridgill said she “always wanted to do.” And, she said response she’s received thus far from the book’s Dec. 3 release has been favorable. One person who commented about the book on Facebook wrote: “You know a book is good when you have pulled out your highlighter and hashtags while reading the introduction.”

Ridgill is a graduate of Presbyterian College and Erskine Theological Seminary, with a bachelor of arts, a master of divinity and a doctor of ministry degree. She is active on numerous local and denominational boards.

The book is available in print and as an audio book through maxthemean.com.